Project Disposition is purpose built Strength and Conditioning facility that offers Group classes to help build  STRONGER, HAPPIER, HEALTHIER HUMANS!!

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Welcome To Project Disposition

Want a little taste tester ? The Drop In class will allow you to see what its like to train at Disposition ! You will be given a great introduction to our coaches, community and classes.

There is always varying degrees of fitness levels, from first time exercises to those that have played sport their whole life. We cater and scale for all fitness levels.

Our Facility

Project Disposition is conveniently located in the heart of the western suburbs and within walking distance from the Chelmer train station. Our facility has been custom designed to deliver the best training environment possible.We pride ourselves in not only providing professional Strength and Conditioning training but we also believe in creating a motivating, dynamic environment filled with like-minded people of all ages and body types, who are committed to working hard and achieving lasting fitness results. We love what we do and it shows on the gym floor.


Why You’ll Love Training With Us

What You Get At Disposition

Tailored Fitness Programs

Every workout we offer is programmed and tailored specifically to your ability and fitness goals. That’s right – on every class! Wherever you are at your fitness level, we’ll tailor a program to help you to safely and steadily improve more on your fitness goals.

Specialised Coaching Every Session

Our professionally trained and expert coaches actively coach each class that you attend. Personal coaching like this would normally cost a fortune in traditional gyms, but here at Disposition, the coaching session is included in all our memberships.

Multidisciplinary Functional Training

Our program uses functional movements that your body is naturally designed to do, combining elements of cardio, gymnastics, weightlifting, cycling, rowing, and more to improve your overall fitness in a balanced way.

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